Current Availability of McDonald Happy Meal Toy – 2023

McDonald Happy Meal Toy

It is advisable to have a basic understanding of Happy Meal before being introduced to the McDonald Happy Meal Toy. A Happy Meal is a kids’ meal that comes with a drink, a side dish, and a main course. In a McDonald’s happy meal, the side item often consists of salad, apple slices, or french fries, while the main dish typically consists of five groupings.

However, this could not apply to all nations worldwide. The McDonald Happy Meal Toy is a little toy or book that is packaged in a red disposable box with the McDonald’s logo and a yellow, happy face.

Every month, there are new McDonald’s toys and kid-friendly activities available at varying price points. Squishmallows plush animals are the newest addition to the McDonald Happy Meal Toys 2023 collection. Ordering a Happy Meal and choosing one item from a certain collection is all it takes to receive a toy. Remember that each toy is available for purchase for around a month, after which a new collection with a higher price is released.

The collection for this month includes squishmallows! Take a look at “Health And Nutrition Info Of All McDonald’s Wraps” When dining, make educated decisions.

New Happy Meal – 2023

The newest superheroes, primarily from Marvel, are being introduced in McDonald Happy Meal Toys 2023. The eight Marvels may be found in hamburger and chicken McNugget meals because the main component consists of five dishes. But the original Squishmallows with adorable and cuddly plush are available for business in June and July 2023. From a collection of ten Squishmallows, two can be obtained each week; the collection is replenished every Thursday.

Happy Meal Toy

Current Availability Of Toys

Dobble cards, which come with a set of six toys, are the item that is now offered with McDonald Happy Meal. It is possible to purchase each one individually if you wish to take advantage of temporal diversification. If you’d rather not purchase any toys, you may purchase the Happy Meal book instead. From those who have achieved incredible success in their areas, you will get one storybook. These might consist of the subsequent concepts;

  • Skillful/Expert Footballer
  • Innovative Designer
  • Sports Hero

McDonald Happy Meal Toy – Price

It is crucial to inform customers about the current costs associated with McHappy Meal toys. The item will set you back between $3.69 and $4.59 if you want to purchase a Happy Meal with it. But the cost could differ based on where your neighborhood McDonald’s is located. The main contents of the toy will include child-sized fries, apple slices, a main course, and a beverage. Kids’ happiness is the primary objective of the Happy Meal Toy.

Current-Availability of Toys

Price of Buying a Happy Meal Toy In The UK

You really need to look into the costs if you live in the UK and want to get the newest toys from McDonald’s. Everything depends on your decision on where to get the Happy Meal item. To select the one you wish to order, view the McDonald Happy Meal Toy UK scheduling list.


In the UK, the Happy Meal Toy typically costs between £2.59 and £3.59, however this could change depending on where you live. The single Happy Meal toy is not available online, so if you plan to purchase online, pass on it. However, you may go to the McDonald’s in your area, where the typical cost is £1.49.

Note: You may only purchase one happy meal and one toy at a time. This indicates unequivocally that you cannot buy two or more toys until you have paid for another Happy Meal.


The Happy Meal of 2023 includes the plush Squishmallows. In reality, the Squishmallows are characterized by their soft, squishy plush animals. These are frequently adored by children and will be available at McDonald’s in 2023 as special gifts for Happy Meals.

A new toy is included in the kid’s Happy Meal on the menu. Along with the fast food behemoth, charming and cuddly Squishmallows are included in each Happy Meal to create a 360-degree experience.

Yes, it is perfectly OK to purchase the McDonald’s Happy Meal toy separately for a fee ranging from $1.59 to $1.69. However, the price of the individual Happy Meal Toy varies depending on your McDonald’s location.

The Happy Meal Toy is available for a month after its first release, and a new toy is offered in each theme.

A Happy Meal Dobble card has colorful animals, a sand castle, a cactus, and a treasure chest. This includes six sets and is available from July to August 2023.

There are five major meals from which you may select a Mcdonald Happy Meal UK. Veggie Dippers (2 Pieces Meal), Fish Fingers (3 Pieces Meal), Hamburger Meal, Cheeseburger Meal, and Chicken McNuggets (4 Pieces Meal) are available.

Our Views

Ultimately, I think that delighting your children with a McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy is an amazing way to make them happy. A side dish and drink are included in the five main course options. It’s possible to locate grilled cheese sandwiches among the other options in several countries across the world.

Delish apple slices, salads, pasta, and a few more selections are healthful alternatives. So, choose your method of getting a Happy Meal Toy at McDonald’s and don’t wait any longer.

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