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It’s not always feasible to quickly reach your favorite restaurant for your favorite food. Sometimes, you may miss out on the opportunity to enjoy McDonald’s Happy Meal due to mood swings or other reasons. McDonald’s offers home delivery services, both through its own and third-party services, as per your order placement.

Everyone is eagerly awaiting the answer on how to order McDonald’s online. You can utilize McDonald’s McDelivery or other apps. The list of popular apps includes Uber Eat, Just Eat, Doordash, and Deliveroo, among others. Online food delivery offers exclusive deals, coupons, and special promotions for customers.


Upon registration in the McDonald’s app, users can opt for free delivery for their orders. The McDelivery app offers a free delivery service without any additional charges. To receive the offer within four hours of signing in to the McDonald’s app, simply browse the Deals option.


The offer in the deals section must be described before its expiry date within 7 days, and a McDonald’s from a nearby restaurant should be ordered. The offer is available for one-time use by eligible customers, and there should be no third-party app services. McDonald’s Uber Eat and Just Eat McDonald’s are not available for free, you have to pay the charges.


The cost of your order and fee services in the United Kingdom are determined by the location of McDonald’s. The prices of services also vary depending on the chosen order. McDonald’s offers three main ordering apps, with prices varying based on the app used.

  • The average cost for McDelivery users is 3.99 GBP. The proximity and position of your couriers could potentially impact the outcome. The app offers a 20% discount on the first order, excluding the shipment fee.
  • Just Eat McDonald’s charges a fee of 2.99 GBP. The condition is fulfilled when your orders are placed between 0.99 GBP and 8 GBP.
  • McDonald’s Uber Eat users must pay 2 GBP for orders lighter than 5 pounds.
  • The cost of free delivery varies between 1.79 GBP and 1.79 GBP, depending on the restaurant’s distance. The full order price is currently offered at a 10% discount, with a minimum of 0.99 GBP and a maximum of 2.99 GBP.
  • Deliveroo is a popular platform where customers pay 2 GBP for orders lighter than 12 pounds. The cost for free delivery options is 3.99 GBP, which will be refunded based on the distance traveled. Orders between 2.49 GBP and 0.99 GBP will receive a 5% discount in full order.

 Guide For Using McDelivery App To Order McDonald

Customers should be familiar with the process of using the McDelivery app to place orders from McDonald’s. The McDonald’s app UK offers simple guidelines to assist users in using the app.

  • To download McDonald’s UK app, visit the Google Play Store and create an account to register.
  • Navigate to the orders section of the app and input your delivery address using the provided bar.
  • Visit McDonald’s new menu and choose the desired item to place your order.
  • To ensure the delivery of your order, it is necessary to place it and make a payment before receiving it.

Final Thoughts

The trend of ordering McDonald’s through various apps is increasing daily. You cannot always visit a restaurant to enjoy your preferred food. It is crucial to comprehend all the methods utilized by various apps to facilitate online food delivery. In my post, I discussed the various discounts that can be obtained through various apps. Before placing an order, you can check McDonald’s operating times on their official website.


To order McDonald’s online, you can download one of the two applications. Doordash and Uber Eats are two popular apps that allow customers to order food from their local McDonald’s area. To download any of these apps, visit the Google Play Store if you don’t already have them. This method is undoubtedly the most reliable and efficient method for ordering McDonald’s online.

To access the McDonald’s app, first log in. To proceed, navigate to the bottom menu bar and select the desired order. To access your most recent orders from the app, navigate to the bottom navigation bar and select “Recents”. All your orders will be located there.

McDonald’s is one of the most popular delivery apps. Uber Eats and Just Eat are two popular food delivery services. People are using Doordash for online ordering of McDonald’s through MC delivery.

McDonald’s offers online delivery through various platforms including the McDonald’s app, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Just Eat. McDonald’s is introducing a new self-ordering kiosk, simplifying the ordering process for customers.

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