McDonald’s Monopoly Game Made its Return – September 2023

McDonald's Monopoly Game made its return

McDonald’s, a renowned American fast-food brand, has announced its return to the UK market through a social media post, introducing the McDonald’s Monopoly Game. The date of its return was also revealed. The date of its return was also revealed. The McDonald’s Monopoly game made its return in September 2023.

Chicken Selects enthusiasts are excited to win prizes and cashback as great news. The game offers a grand prize of £100,000, with other participants also receiving impressive prizes and offers.

How this Monopoly Game is played?

Customers must purchase McDonald’s qualification items like Wraps, McFlurry, fries, and drinks to participate in a Monopoly game. Purchase any item from this menu and receive stickers. Complete the Monopoly game board spots using the stickers obtained from the menu items. 

You are eligible for prizes after completing a game board. The prize value is determined by the level of difficulty in the McDonald’s Monopoly game. A player won £100,000 last year by completing a board of dark blue properties. On September 6, we will be able to witness the offerings of McDonald’s in this game. Learning to play is a skill that can be acquired through various methods.

McDonald's Monopoly Game made its return

What McDonald’s items have Monopoly stickers?

McDonald’s Monopoly stickers are found on various products including burgers, wraps, fries, salads, sides, ice creams, and drinks. Mcdonald’s Monopoly stickers are not present on all menu items, including popular burgers like the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, and Vegetable Deluxe.

Do You Get Monopoly Stickers on Breakfast?

McDonald’s Monopoly stickers are only available for purchase after 11 a.m. on breakfast menu items. You can enjoy a fizzy drink or McCafe Iced drink with game pieces at any time of the day. To collect McDonald’s Monopoly tokens, it is recommended to visit during lunchtime or later.

McDonald's Monopoly Game Made its Return

The Best Items To Buy For McDonald’s Monopoly

To obtain the most affordable McDonald’s Monopoly stickers, opt for items with a decent number of stickers. The strategy is effective for collecting stickers as you already possess a rare McDonald’s Monopoly piece.

The suggestion to add a fruit bag, veg bag, or side salad for bonus stickers is not valid. Crew members suggest that stickers only apply to fruit and veg bags when they are part of a meal, not as a replacement for fries.

To order a meal, order a fruit or vegetable bag as a side and add a portion of fries.

The sticker collection option, priced at £1.39 instead of 89p, may be a viable option for those who are serious about collecting stickers.

In a serious mood, one could order 200 fries and 200 drinks from a McDonald’s store, as an American did during a trip to London.

The table displays the prices of McDonald’s menu items and the number of Monopoly stickers they come with.

Note: The prices are accurate as of October 2023.

Menu Item Stickers Price Price Per Sticker
Big Flavour Wrap2£3.89£1.95
Chicken Selects (3 Pieces)2£4.69£2.35
Chicken Selects (5 Pieces)2£5.89£2.95
Fizzy Drink (Medium)2£1.59£0.80
Chicken & Bacon Salad2£3.89£1.95
Chicken Salad2£3.49£1.75
Frozen Strawberry Lemonade2£2.99£1.50
Fizzy Drink (Large)2£1.99£1.00
Fries (Medium)2£1.99£1.00
Caramel Iced Frappe2£2.89£1.45
Mozzarella Dippers2£2.79£1.40
Fries (Large)2£2.49£1.25

In 2023, all qualifying menu items will now have two stickers, replacing previous years where some items had two or three stickers. The statement is likely to remain unchanged for 2024. The Digital Peel game in the app offers two extra peels.

What McDonald’s Meal Gives You the Most Monopoly Pieces?

Choose one of the qualifying burgers or wraps and make it a meal to earn six stickers. An Extra Value meal offers four stickers – two on the side and two on the drink.

To be a serious collector, it’s crucial to choose a main with Monopoly stickers, as most don’t.

In previous years, McDonald’s Monopoly pieces have not been used in vegan or vegetarian meals. In 2022, the introduction of the new McPlant burger marked a significant change. The text expresses happiness and contentment, stating that the event has continued in 2023 and is likely to continue in 2024.

How To Redeem McDonald’s Monopoly Prizes (UK)

Mcdonald’s Monopoly offers a unique way to win prizes at any participating UK restaurant. To claim your prize, hand your winning piece to a staff member at the counter, drive-thru, self-service kiosk, or via the McDonald’s app. 

Keep your winning game pieces safe and don’t reveal them to anyone else. If your winning piece says Instant Win and entitles you to free food, you can claim it at any participating McDonald’s restaurant in the UK. 

If ordering via the McDonald’s app, you can request delivery if the restaurant is within range. Instant Win non-food prizes can be claimed via the MyMcDonalds app, with additional terms and conditions depending on the prize and specifics. Mcdonald’s Monopoly Instant Win prizes are discount vouchers that can be redeemed by visiting the game piece’s website, selecting desired items, and completing the checkout process.

What are the Official rules and terms for participating in the McDonald’s Monopoly Game in the UK?

The McDonald’s Monopoly Game in the UK has specific rules and terms for participation. To participate, participants must meet eligibility criteria, such as being legal residents of the UK and having a minimum age of 16 or older. 

Game pieces can be acquired by purchasing designated menu items at McDonald’s, with alternate methods like mail-in requests available. Prizes vary, with some offering instant wins and others contributing to collecting property sets on the game board. 

To claim higher-value prizes, participants must collect and complete these sets within a specified timeframe. Prize verification and validation rules are in place to maintain game integrity and prevent fraud or misuse. 

Prizes may also have specific restrictions, such as expiration dates or limitations on their use. These rules can change from year to year, so participants should refer to the official rules available on the McDonald’s website or participating restaurants during the promotion period.


McDonald’s burgers may not come with Monopoly stickers, as not all items are available with these stickers. To increase your chances of winning prizes, ensure to include the qualifying items in your order.

McDonald’s typically serves four meals per person, with two servings of fries and two servings of soft drinks. To increase your sticker haul to six, you can easily order a qualifying burger, wrap, salad, or chicken select.

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