McDonald’s UK Menu Prices – How much does it cost to eat at the fast food restaurant?

McDonald's UK Menu Prices

Wrap Prices – McDonald’s UK menu prices

McDonald’s is offering a unique promotional deal called Wrap of the Day for a quick lunch. The wraps are a delectable combination of nutritious ingredients such as chicken, cucumber, mayo, tomato slices, lettuce, onions, and bacon pieces. McDonald’s wraps are available in two flavors: Crispy and Grilled, and pricing will be discussed. Furthermore, we will discuss the McDonald’s UK menu prices. 

The pricing of these wraps is quite affordable and well worth the money. The prices for these wraps at McDonald’s branches in the UK and Ireland are comparable. Each wrap has a consistent price regardless of ingredients, but you can purchase both Crispy and Grilled Flavors from a single wrap daily.

McDonald’s branches offer a unique wrap with a designated day, requiring customers to wait for the day to enjoy their favorite wrap.

McDonald’s Wrap of the Day – McDonald’s UK Menu Prices

The menu offers various dishes on Mondays, including Spicy Veggie One or Caesar and Bacon chicken, BBQ and Bacon Chicken One on Tuesdays, Sweet Chilli Chicken on Wednesdays, and BBQ and Bacon Chicken One or Spicy Veggie One on Thursdays.

McDonald’s offers various chicken options, including Sweet Chilli Chicken One, Caesar and Bacon One for Saturdays and Sundays, and Halloumi Fries for £2.59.


How much does a meal at a fast food restaurant cost?

MCDONALD’S is a popular choice among fast-food enthusiasts seeking quick and affordable meals. The app offers numerous deals not only for local branches or drive-thru locations. The menu is frequently updated with new items and prices can fluctuate, making it challenging to maintain track. The popular fast-food chain frequently conducts promotions.

  • McDonald’s has introduced a new “saver” breakfast meal deal nationwide. For years, McDonald’s breakfast menu has remained consistent, featuring a main item, drink, and hash brown as the standard meal option.
  • The new deal allows customers to select a main item and a hot drink as their choice. The deal offers a Cheesy Bacon Flatbread for £2.99, or a single sausage and egg, bacon and egg, or egg and cheese McMuffin for £3.49, with a regular hot drink.
  • The offer is exclusively available for ordering on the McDonald’s app and picking up from a local restaurant, and delivery is not available.
  • The app is a valuable resource for daily deals.
  • The UK’s top fast food chain offers a unique deal on a Big Mac and fries for just £1.99. It’s important to remember that prices differ based on where you live.

McDonald’s UK Menu Prices

McDonald’s menu is consistent across the UK, with exceptions for stock and ice cream machines, but its prices vary. 

  • A Big Mac in central London costs at least £4.19, while in Slough, it costs around £3.69.
  • The prices listed are the cheapest McDonald’s available on Slough High Street, but may be higher at your local restaurant.
  • JustEat reports that six chicken nuggets cost £4.09, nine are £4.39, and a share box of 20 is £5.39.
  • The cost of a small portion of fries is £1.19, a medium is £1.69, and a large box is £2.09.
  • The Happy Meal, a popular children’s meal, is priced at £3.49.
  • McFlurry flavours like Smarties, Oreo, and Maltesers are available for those with a sweet tooth for just £1.49.
  • The Wispa version is currently available for purchase at a price of £1.99 for those who prefer a higher price.

McDonald’s Promotional Prices

The fast-food chain typically updates its menu every six weeks. 

  • The MyMcdonald’s app offers a 20% discount on your first order, making it an excellent way to save money.
  • McDonald’s app users can now start earning and redeeming points through the loyalty scheme, known as MyMcDonald’s Rewards.
  • The MyMcdonald’s rewards program allows users to claim a sixth free coffee after their fifth coffee.
  • The app allows users to accumulate points on each order and redeem them for rewards at various restaurants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

McDonald’s menu is consistent across the UK, but its prices vary. In central London, a Big Mac costs at least £4.19, while in Slough, it costs around £3.69.

McDonald’s offers various sizes of Coke on its $1, $2, or $3 menu, and it’s not just about the classic drink. Discover new facts about Big Macs, including their unique flavor profile and other popular dishes. You can get all the details of McDonald’s UK Menu Prices from this article.

McDonald’s offers chicken and vegetable wraps in four flavors: Garlic Mayo, Sweet Chilli, Spicy Sriracha, and BBQ and Bacon, all priced at £3.99. These wraps cater to different types of customers and cater to different preferences.

The Chicken Big Mac is a promotional burger featuring two breaded chicken patties, available in various countries like the US, UK, Canada, Pakistan, Egypt, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and others.

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